About Fair Trade

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What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade helps men and women earn a living wage while working in their community rather than migrating to distant factories or working and living in dangerous and often illegal urban settings. Fair Trade is intended to reduce unemployment and poverty and support healthy communities and families.

At Far Fetched we practice, support and encourage the following Fair Trade Principles:
· Providing fair wages in the local context
· Supporting safe, healthy and participatory workplaces
· Supplying financial and technical support to build capacity
· Ensuring environmental sustainability
· Respecting cultural identity
· Public accountability and transparency
· Building direct and long-term relationships
· Educating consumers


Why are you not members of the Fair Trade Federation?
Far Fetched was a paying member of the Fair Trade Federation for many years. We applied, were vetted, passed approval and had periodic questionnaires to update our standing in the FTF as well as pay the yearly dues. Since ending our paid membership to FTF, our production methods and community involvement have not changed. We continue to maintain our transparent relationships and our commitments to the artisans and their community.

How do I know your products are fair trade?
The Fair Trade Federation has identified 9 principals that deem a product “fair trade”. Although there is currently no fair trade certification for jewelry as a product, the organizations that produce and/or sell jewelry are expected to follow the 9 principals of Fair Trade.

· Far Fetched creates opportunities for the economically and socially marginalized by employing new artisans whenever possible. In 2016 Far Fetched doubled the number of artisan workshops; training and employing many new members of the community. It is our goal at Far Fetched to continue to employ new members of the community as well as provide them with sustained work.

· Far Fetched, in partnership with our sister company, has developed transparent & accountable relationships with our artisans to ensure that relationships are open, fair, consistent and respectful. We have direct contact will all our artisans and employ, pay, and provide resources and materials for the artisans in order to be able to produce high quality jewelry. We have clear standards and expectations and foster the same from our artisans by providing a respectful working environment.

· We offer training programs and have assistance available for all artisans wanting to learn new skills. We strive to work with them to build the capacity of artisans and their community.

· Our motto is “made by hand, head and heart”! Since Far Fetched began we have always focused on promoting fair trade by raising awareness about fair trade, and educating customers and producers. We strive to keep the hand, head and heart a part of the everything we do. That includes marketing and promoting our products, choosing our vendors and sharing our vision for a fair and just world, all the while creating beautiful, fun, affordable and high-quality products.

· We pay our artisans promptly and fairly. We have a clearly defined pay schedule and pay our artisans weekly for their completed work.

· Our sister company in Mexico routinely visits the artisan workshops and inspects areas of production. We support safe and empowering working conditions and provide tools to enhance the working environment and improve production capabilities. If an artisan is missing safety equipment or needs machinery repaired, funds are given to purchase or replace. Artisans are encouraged to contact us with any needs or concerns.

· Whenever possible we use recycled or sustainably harvested materials to cultivate environmental stewardship and reduce waste.

· By providing a living wage and support to our artisans we help ensure the rights of children in the community. We encourage parents to send children to school and by allowing artisans to work in their home workshops they have the flexibility to take care of their children and elder family members as needed.

· Central Mexico is rich in cultural and natural beauty and has a long history of jewelry making and artisan craft. We are blessed to have the opportunity to promote these long traditions and help aid in passing it along to new generations. By respecting the cultural identity of Central Mexico we are respecting the skills that they have developed over time and the love and knowledge that they have for the materials they craft.

What has changed since your acquisition by Greater Good?
Production has increased and we have more resources available to us. Our impact and influence has expanded. Together with Greater Good we have given over $50 million to charities worldwide. A portion of each purchase goes to support people, pets and the planet through GreaterGood.org.